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Penis Envy Chocolates Online

Penis Envy Chocolates online. They are very delicious and amazing chocolate treats made with the incredibly popular Penis Envy Cubensis shroom strain. Furthermore, they are shaped of individually wrapped bite-sized chocolates, and each of them packs contains 1 gram of Penis Envy Cubensis. There are very limited and very few others like it around and you will see why.

Moreover, It’s one of the most potent strains available and also very capable of producing shamanistic-like experiences. Thus, it allows you to have mystical experiences and undergo transformative journeys. The genesis of the Penis Envy mushrooms is not known. However, the majority of people seem to believe that it was created by Steven Pollock. A  very famous and popular mycologist, from a one-of-a-kind mutation of the Amazonian Cubensis strain.

It was later carried by Terrence McKenna at this store and became famous and popular like no other mushroom strain around.

Penis Envy Chocolates  is a strain like no other

The Penis Envy shroom strain is one of the most famous, popular, and beloved strains out there. It has been named such due to its phallic appearance. The visual innuendo could not be clearer than other mushroom strains. When fully grown, this particular shroom strain looks like a white, straight phallus with a golden, rounded head. The shaft is very thick and dense, whereas the cap is very fleshy and bulbous.

In addition, the most important aspect is that both parts of this mushroom have psychedelic capabilities. A common characteristic that makes Penis Envy all the more loved among connoisseurs. Also, they are completely right! There is a lot to be loved about this wonderful strain. Most users report that once ingested, this shroom has the ability to produce shamanistic journeys, deeply mystical experiences, as well as vision quests.

Since this magic mushroom strain is of the hallucinogenic kind. The experience of being under its influence may be transformative, especially if you are a newbie. Therefore, Penis Envy Chocolates online are not for the shy buy shroom Chocolates online now at

Tips for Safe Usage

You can buy Penis Envy Chocolates online now from even if you are a beginner. However, you’re recommended to start with ¼ – ½ chocolate at a time. In addition, you have to wait for one hour for the effects to take place before deciding to ingest more. Each Penis Envy Chocolate pack contains 1 gram of Penis Envy Cubensis. They can be so amazing if you’re planning a day of introspection or just simply looking to micro-dose.

50 reviews for Penis Envy Chocolates

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