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Buy Zoomies Gummies Online. Are you ready to try the next-level magic mushroom edible? Zoomies Gummies by Icarus. One pack contains 12 gummies worth 3000mg of psilocybin, for 250mg of psilocybin per gummy. This is making them perfect for microdosing if that’s what you want. If not, then you can get stoned for a few sessions with so many gummies in one pack. Such low quantities of psilocybin per gummy make it easy for newbies to regulate their doses and control their trips. Psychedelic gummies are available now at acidparadize.

Everyone was taken by surprise when lZoomies Gummieshit the market,  simply because there Zoomies Gummies weren’t too many products specializing in microdosing in Canada and the USA. The ones available were of bad quality, with horrible flavors. We’re extremely proud to bring you the best psilocybin microdosing gummies in all of Canada and the USA. Their taste is awesome, they’re filled with the best-quality psilocybin, and they also have lots of therapeutic benefits!

How can you identify Zoomies Gummies and how they taste? 

Zoomies Gummies are very small also a bite-sized, and bright-colored. You are going to love them the first time you lay your eyes on them. They’re awesome, smooth, fine-textured, and they also look creamy and juicy. Nevertheless,  as soon as you put one into your mouth, a torrent of strong fruity flavor washes over your taste buds. They start spewing saliva all over, giving you the appetite to eat some more and satisfy your urges. Considering how these gummies look, you can already determine how tasty they taste. So Buy Zoomies Gummies Online now at Acidparadize

The effects of Zoomies Gummies?

 When talking about psilocybin-based gummies, one of the most important things is potency. This potency is directly connected to the accumulation of psilocybin per gummy. There is actually 250mg of psilocybin per gummy, making a total of 3000mg of psilocybin for the entire pack of 12 gummies. The psychedelic state acquired from one gummy is not that visible, since it consists of only 250mg, which is actually called a microdose. microdosing means consuming small doses of a psychoactive substance so that you don’t get stoned.

Moreover, if you don’t get stoned, then what’s the end-game? Well, micro-dosing has several goals than regular, recreational shroom consumption and it’s called a nootropic goal. Nootropic substances improve your brain’s functions, including memory, creativity, fast-thinking, divergent and convergent thinking, and so on. Psilocybin microdoses, like the ones offered by Zoomies Gummies, become a nootropic alternative. So, you’re actually consuming brain in enhancing microdoses each time you consume one of these gummies. This is what you may feel as a result:
Uncontrollable giggling, enhanced creativity, improved mood, faster thinking, better convergent thinking, enhanced divergent thinking, better awareness, and also higher resilience to stress. So Buy Zoomies Gummies Online now at www. acidparadize.com

50 reviews for Zoomies Gummies

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