Frequently Asked Questions

10AM – 8PM regular delivery hours, Monday through Sunday.

Due to demand, we now offer late night delivery from 8PM – 10PM which will incur a higher delivery donation rate of 30.

No, you do not need a medical  card to place an order. You only need to be 21 & Over.

Bitcoin and Paypal only please, exact amount as drivers will not have change.

We accept any valid, non-expired government issued identification such as Driver License or a Passport.

In this case, you should try to be there at 2P, this way our driver doesn’t have to do much waiting, and he can make all his appointments on time and within the window. You’ll be notified by text when your driver is about 10-15 away.

Not worries, if you are late, just let us know. We are aware that traffic tends to be sporadic within and around different cities. Just shoot us a text to let us know your updated ETA. This way we can also update our drivers, and they can make the necessary adjustments to their delivery route so everyone gets served in a timely manner.

Most delays occur for one of three reasons:

1. We’re experiencing a higher volume of orders: Most of the time, if a driver happens to be running behind, it is likely because there’s an unusually high amount of orders pouring in. We try to be as communicative as possible with updating our customers on driver ETA.

2.Traffic: Driving around can be tricky at times, and even our top tier drivers make mistakes sometimes. Missing a turn, or taking a wrong turn, can add an extra 5-10 minutes. If this does happen, we try to keep the customer informed

3.Late customers: Whenever the driver does not know if the customer is running late, they try to wait at least 5-10 minutes before leaving. Or if the driver has to wait an unusual amount of time for a customer, it ripples out into his other orders.

Sometimes it can even be a combination of all three issues, and that is when long wait times occur for other customers that are at their spots on time. Communication is key, and if we all communicate properly, we minimize everyone’s wait time. A driver will never cancel an order because a customer is late, just let us know!

Yes, we do! If you let our dispatcher know where you are coming from, they will be able to give you an address that is both easy and safe for you and the driver to park and meet up. If you do not know where to go, please ask when you call or text us.

On average, 1-3 days from the time we confirm your order and depending on your order location distance we might communicate the time with you.

Your order will be placed on hold in a queue and fulfilled the following day.

Yes, delivery drivers kindly accept cash tips. It is even recommended that you request a particular/favorite driver.

Yes. As long as it is not on Federal/government grounds, a driver can safely make the delivery to you. Please keep in mind that driver does not leave their vehicle.

A driver will ALWAYS call you first before arranging physical meetup. This is mainly for your safety so that you know exactly who too look for and what car you should be expecting to meet you. A driver will NEVER approach your vehicle without calling you or texting you first. Do not open your window for anyone.

We utilizes a third party delivery service which offers a fair donation rate of $20 between regular business hours and $30 after 8PM this is for local deliveries within Denver and environs. rates may change depending on distance. In order for the delivery to take place, the rate is donated directly to the driver. Drivers are not are employees.

Customers must verify the contents of their order with the driver before the delivery is completed. Our office must be notified immediately by the driver if anything is incorrect or missing from the order. Customers who refuse this procedure of verification will waive all liability to replace missing products upon departing with the driver. Missing items will be sent out with the next available driver.

For customers located within a greater distance, we will schedule redelivery for the incorrect/missing item on a later date, free of charge.

Batteries and Cartridges: All cartridges and batteries should be tested with the driver when the items are first delivered. To claim a free exchange for a non-working battery or a cartridge, the test must be done during the first delivery. If a non-working item is confirmed in the test, a free exchange will be scheduled immediately. Customers may refuse the driver’s offer to test the cartridges or batteries, but doing so may disqualify the possibility of exchanges or returns.

  • Do you provide any warranty ?
  • It’s also one of the Frequently Asked Questions. We are proud to offer free delivery insurance in case you order amount is $250.00 or more. This means that in an unlikely event that any problems occur with your order, we will reship it for free and you will not have to bear any shipping fees or any other additional charges.

But if your order amount is below $250, you will need to provide delivery insurance fees to warranty your package.

  • How do I request a refund?

Refund requests and exchange of product we accept within 72 hours after the package is consider to have touch down. This is done by writing to our customer service through our quick chat button bellow and inserting your phone number, e-mail address and order ID number.

  • Do you Ship Internationally ?

It’s the most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we ship internationally for some particular products only. Shipping is done through our partnering companies such as UPSFEDEX, TNT, DHL and many others to make sure transportation is done in a timely fashion. International shipping can take anywhere from three days to five days to arrive at the destination country, and customs usually takes ours ones your product has arrived. All in all, it’s usually best to place an international order as early in advance of the time you need it!