Medishrooms – 20 Shrooms Microdose Pills

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Medishrooms – 20 Shrooms Microdose Pills

*Currently only the Advanced Dose: 350mg is available*

Benefits of Micro Dosing

  • Stimulates growth of new brain cells
  • Soothes Anxiety
  • Lowers Depression
  • Stress Relief

CAPSULE VARIANT (per 1 capsule)

  • Micro Dose: 100mg
  • Moderate Dose: 200mg
  • Advanced Dose: 350mg
  • Macro Dose: 400mg


  • Beginner’s Guide: Take one capsule on an empty stomach early in the morning, or before a specific activity you would like enhanced. Take one capsule per day. Alternate one day on, one day off (no capsule on off days)
  • Advanced Guide: Take one capsule on an empty stomach early in the morning, or before a specific activity you would like enhanced. Take one capsule per day. Alternate two days on, one day off (no capsule on off days)
  • Mastered (MACRO) Guide: Take one capsule on an empty stomach early in the morning, or before a specific activity you would like enhanced. Take one capsule daily.
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 Buy Medish Microdose Pills Online 

Take one and it is done! with Medishroom ’s 20 microdose pills. You can easily consume your daily dose of shrooms without any mess or fuss. Acidparadize packs each capsule full of potent psilocybin mushrooms to result in a  very gentle and supportive experience. Now, you don’t need to taste your magic mushrooms at all to enjoy their magical effects. So Buy Medish Microdose Pills Online

When it comes to enjoying shrooms, microdosing is gradually becoming more popular. The idea of microdosing mushrooms refers to taking small doses of psilocybin consistently throughout the entire week (or maybe the day), rather than taking all at once. This will result in increased energy, a clearer mindset, and also a boost in mood that stays all day long.

Acidparadize is entirely about microdosing! Therefore,  Medishroom microdose pills are designed to be taken once out of three ways, depending on if you’re a newbie. Advanced, or master at consuming shrooms, If you’re new to the world of magic mushrooms. Acidparadize recommends consuming one capsule on an empty stomach early in the morning or before all daily activities. Then, also enjoy one every other day. If you’re more advanced, you can take two days on and one day off with your shroom capsules. Finally, for those who are master consumers, Acidparadize advises enjoying one pill daily. So Buy Medish Microdose Pills Online

When doing this, you won’t be experiencing a full-blown trip each time you microdose.; instead, you will feel fewer effects for days till the end. Great for days at home or in Mother Nature, Shroomology’s four-count pill sample pack is sure to take you on a relaxing trip.

Where to get Medish Microdose Pills

Acidparadize is a company that takes its magic mushrooms seriously. Based in the USA also understand the importance of healthy, impactful trips through our fungi-based friends. Using only high-quality psilocybin mushrooms and other all-natural ingredients. Acidparadize is making a line of mushroom-filled products that will help you experience a whole new world. Easy consuming and enjoyable in the long-term, Acidparadize products have proven to be the best in the USA right now. So Buy Medish Microdose Pills Online



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