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BUY BLUE MEANIES ONLINE.  Blue Meanies are a vast amount of psilocybin, even when comparing them with other mushroom strains. One of the main things that make Blue Meanies so good is its concentration of tryptamine alkaloids. These compounds, provide a stronger psychedelic experience due to extremely high levels of psilocin and psilocybin.

Its high potency is one of two main reasons main why this mushroom bears this name. Nevertheless, the other reason is the blue bruising spots found on the stalk. However, these bruises are also an indication of their increased potency. A constant psychedelic trip on Blue Meanies may last for about 4-8 hours depending on the quantity ingested and your tolerance. So buy blue meanies online now at


Blue Meanies are very potent, that is why we advise consuming them in low doses. It wouldn’t be a wrong idea to have a sitter watching over you. The environment needs to match the type of trip you want to have. Although, these mushrooms are not known for their bad trips. So you shouldn’t worry. Instead, you’ll encounter pure bliss and euphoria, also visual and auditory hallucinations. buy blue meanies online now at

If you’ve once consumed psychedelic mushrooms before, you will know exactly what to expect. A body with a big weight buzz will envelop you at some point, either after or before the high peaks. When it reaches the peak and starts slowing down, you’ll feel very comfortable, uplifted, and very tranquil. Your mind and body are in unity, and you can  experience epiphanies that remain with you throughout your entire life

Magic mushrooms also give therapeutic benefits. They lighten symptoms of anxiety and depression, for example, they can also help you overpower difficult traumatic experiences in life. Being very potent, Blue Meanies offers an escape from boredom and routine because they’re also very tasty and delicious!

how blue meanies  look like and where to get them

Blue Meanies are mushrooms just like all the other magic mushroom strains. nevertheless, they’re slightly different in terms of shape and looks. The main difference is the blueish undertone dotting the stalk. This portrays their extreme potency. Aside from this, Blue Meanies also have longer mushroom tops and thick white stalks. SO BUY BLUE MEANIES ONLINE AT ACIDPARADIZE.COM


  1. David Roberts

    Took 3 grams. Felt totally physically discombobulated and out of sync. When I closed my eyes I had no body awareness. Visualized (mentally) one of my hands had grown from the top of my head and a shoulder from the middle of my back, for example. Had to just ‘ride it out’ knowing the unpleasant experience would eventually pass. On a positive note, self-reflection during the trip led me to make some effective changes to my personal life (including to make a practise of only microdosing a particular strain of mushroom before taking larger doseages.)

  2. jacob

    took about 30 minutes to kick in for me, lasted roughly 5 hours and it was really wonderful, took them while staying at a winery. Walking among the grapes was spectacular.

  3. Corinna Underwood

    The real McCoy, nice and smooth 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    So good

  5. Jennifer

    These are my favorite strain so far.

  6. Anonymous

    Blue Meanie was better than ever. My whole house is organized

  7. karl tomasitz

    Like them

  8. Rob Burke

    I enjoyed these, helped me get through a difficult time

  9. Frédéric T

    Je n’ai pas aimé… Beaucoup d’inconfort physique et mentale…

  10. Anonymous

    I had an amazing trip, but my girlfriend not that much. She cried many times without even knowing why (I think it made her understand many things about herself afterwards). I felt a deep connection with nature, I saw it breathe, and even though I deeply love my girlfriend, I felt an even more intense love for her while I was holding her in my arms. Another time, on a smaller dose, I listened to music (Pink Floyd exactly) and I travelled so far! I was so connected with the music! This was very intense and enjoyable! I don’t think this strain is for everybody, especially if you have expectations. I felt like this shroom was giving me a test before entering into its magical world! I had a few visuals (very different from Golden Treacher for example), but I especially “felt” everything that was living and/or moving around me.

  11. Ève

    Excellent produit, mais à éviter pour les débutants. Une montée rapide. Les couleurs de l’environnement deviennent plus profondes et plus éclatantes. La musique t’amène des vibrations insoupçonnées et le rythme t’envahit. L’esprit s’apaise et la beauté prend toute la place.

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