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We don’t see a lot of shroom edibles generally, and these Blue Meanies Chocolates are where it’s at! They’re packed with instant psychedelia thanks to the heightened potency. There’s a lot of psilocybin and psilocin in each of these chocolates, which leads to crazy results. This is the easiest and most enjoyable way to taste mushrooms. Moreover, you can increase or decrease your dose however you see fit. The base shroom used is the Blue Meanies mushroom, an Australian big dog of the shrooms underworld.

These Australian mushrooms are incredibly potent, even acclaimed worldwide for their potency. They’ve become a popular sensation recently, and it’s not a surprise Blue Meanies Chocolates appeared so soon. Whenever you want to have a good time with a sweet relief, these chocolates are the answer to your struggles! They can also treat various medical symptoms that are plaguing you, so make the right choice.

What do Blue Meanies Chocolates look and taste like?


In terms of appearance, Blue Meanies Chocolates are quite regular-looking. They’re just chocolates, after all. They’re not going to look otherworldly or something. Though, the effects should definitely hit an otherworldly level. Especially when it comes to therapeutic uses, Blue Meanies Chocolates are on another level. On a first sight, these chocolates look soft and delicious, which is confirmed later on. You’ll think “scrumptious and soft” when looking at these chocolates.

Blue Meanies Chocolates have a very distinct taste due to the presence of psilocybin and psilocin. It’s not artificial or repugnant, though. The chocolate flavour melds with the mushroom aroma, creating a spike of deliciousness you ought to enjoy. Once you taste these shroom chocolates, they should affect your brain in a matter of minutes. The mellow taste of chocolate is impressive even before the effects kick in, though.

What are the effects of Blue Meanies Chocolates?


Psychedelic shrooms influence your body and mind to react in wild and unexpected ways. You could experience intense visual hallucinations, sensory confusion (synesthesia), temporal distortions, surges of sudden euphoria, uncontrollable laughter, and more. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as all other intense effects quickly appear. Ego death is a potential participant to this fiesta, though you may become spooked once you experience it. Basically, you lose your subjectivity and personality for a time.

It’s just like being an external observer inside your body. The experience is difficult to explain unless you go through it yourself. Besides, Blue Meanies Chocolates make no attempt at hiding their potency or therapeutic benefits. Speaking of therapy, these chocolates are great for anxiety and depression, specifically. They can calm you down and improve your mood almost instantly. Lack of appetite may also be alleviated once you take a bite from a shroom chocolate. Then, your chronic pains should begin to back off, letting you unwind and relax.

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