Microdosing vs Normal Dosing?

With normal dosing, you use between 1/2 a gram to 1/8th (3.5 grams) all at once, one or two times a month. With microdosing, you use anywhere from 1/2 a gram to 1/8th (3.5 grams) throughout the month. The difference being, with microdosing, you won’t have any of the psychedelic effects. The psychedelic effects begin around 1/2 a gram, and the more you take, the more you will experience.

How does microdosing help with spiritual growth:

Magic Mushrooms allow us to reduce the separation between our body and spirit. They further our connection with what exists inside us beyond this physical realm. Both the normal & micro dose can help you heal.

How does microdosing heal you?: 

The healing effects of mushrooms come from your true self. So.  If you seek to improve focus, meditation,  creativity, mindfulness, energy, or reduce anxiety, depression, stress, microdosing can be a great introduction to the path of becoming who you can be.

How much is a microdose? 

Most people start at 1/20 (0.05 g) to 1/10 (0.1g) of a standard dose of mushrooms and adjust based on their experience. Therefore. a microdose of mushrooms can range from 0.05g to 0.3g. If you are experiencing visual effects, you have taken too much.

Reset / Tolerance Break: All microdose protocols schedule 2 to 4 weeks of rest after you have completed a 4 to 8 week microdosing journey. Therefore, This break or reset is essential to prevent tolerance and maintain the effects of the mushrooms.

Protocols: There are six basic microdosing protocols. There are several reasons why you might want to use a different schedule. So, we recommend that you keep a journal to track the effects.

1. The Fadiman Microdosing Protocol

One of the most well-known protocols for microdosing is the ‘Fadiman protocol’. Also, Its creator, James Fadiman, says that this protocol is primarily intended to help you to observe the effects of microdosing. It is a 3-day cycle, 1-day-on, 2-days-off, which you follow for 4 to 8 weeks.

DAY 1 DAY 2 – DAY 3
Microdose day Normal Day
Every 3 days for 4 to 8 weeks

2. Two Fixed Days a Week Microdosing Protocol
therefore, Some people prefer a fixed scheme that matches your weekly work or social routine. If that’s your case, choose 2 fixed days in a week that fit your schedule best. Keep at least 1 day between dosing!

DAY 1 DAY 2 – DAY 3 DAY 4
day of your choice
(i.e. Wednesday)
Normal Day 2nd microdosing
day of your choice
(i.e. Saturday)
Every 3 to 4 days for 4 to 8 weeks


3. Every Other Day Microdosing ProtocolSimply put, 1-day-on, 1-day-off for one month.

Microdose day Normal Day
CYCLE: Every other day for 1 month

4. Paul Stamets’ Microdosing Protocol
A 7-day cycle, 4-days-on, 3-days-off, which you follow for 2 to 4 weeks.

DAY 1-4 DAY 5-7
Microdose day Normal Day
CYCLE: 4 days on, 3 days off for 1 month

Stamets’ Stacking: According to Paulso so, the combination of psilocybin, niacin (vitamin B3), and Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom have a positive, lasting effect on the brain. He calls the use of these three substances ‘stacking’. The Stamets’ Stack combination is:
Lion’s Mane, psilocybin, and Vitamin B3/ Niacin.

5. Intuitive Microdosing Protocol
Another way of microdosing is to do it entirely intuitively. Take one when you feel like it. The only rule being you always leave at least one day between the days you take a microdose.

6. ‘Nightcap’ Microdosing Protocol
The ‘Nightcap’ protocol can be used with any microdose protocol, with the only difference being that the microdose is consumed before going to bed. Some people experience fatigue while microdosing mushrooms during the day. To prevent that, they take their microdose before bedtime and enjoy a good night’s sleep. With the Nightcap it’s recommended to take the microdose at least an hour before going to bed. People who microdose according to this protocol indicate that their dreams are more vivid. They wake up more rested and brighter than before they started microdosing.

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The most popular method of consuming DMT has been by smoking it in a bowl alongside marijuana or by consuming it as a drink – also known as Ayahuasca. But modern times call for a modern method of tripping, and that brings us to DMT vape pens

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Why do people vape DMT?

Vaping DMT makes it considerably more advantageous when contrasted with really illuminating it and smoking it. Vaping additionally makes DMT utilize significantly more careful. It’s significantly important to understand that the administration treats this life-sparing substance as what might be compared to split or heroin.

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DMT is a normally happening hallucinogenic medication that is found in numerous plants and creatures.
DMT is has been utilized by numerous societies from the beginning of time for ceremonial purposes. The medication has a fast beginning and a moderately brief term. In spite of the quick-acting nature of this medication, it’s additionally one of the most “extreme” substances accessible. A client can accomplish a full hallucinogenic involvement with 5-15 minutes. Buy DMT vape pen and cartridges  online here

Found in the ayahuasca tea made by the local individuals of the Amazon. Furthermore created normally in our bodies, dimethyltryptamine (DMT). After effectively ingesting DMT, it will send you into a mind-boggling out-of-body experience. This experience lasts about exactly thirty minutes in ordinary time yet is said to feel like a lifetime. A critical bit of clients reports experiencing little mythical people when they are daydreaming on DMT.
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Cap Up Chocolate Bar

Microdose with Psilocybin in Washington DC

Cap Up Chocolate Chocolate Bar. The District of Columbia just passed Initiative 81. Which makes entheogenic plants like psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and ayahuasca the lowest priority for law enforcement. What to know before you get gifted Psilocybin Chocolate Bars is delicious. And perfect for many occasions while traveling to Washington DC. Whether planning a museum tour with a friend, checking out the D.C. monuments, hosting a brunch party. Want to be elevated so you can protest 100% at the White House, or looking to send your dinner party guests off. With a little elevated experience, this one up bar dosed to make those experiences that much more memorable.

Magic Mushrooms Legal in DC?

D.C. easily passed Initiative 81, a decriminalization bill which will “declare that. So, The police shall treat the non-commercial cultivation, distribution, possession, and use of entheogenic plants and. Fungi are among the lowest law enforcement priorities and … define entheogenic plants and fungi as species of plants and fungi. That contains ibogaine, dimethyltryptamine, mescaline, psilocybin, or psilocyn.”

How to Enjoy Cap Up Chocolate Mushrooms in D.C.?

When experimenting with medicated gushers’ fruit edibles, start with a small amount such as 1 or 2 pieces. Wait up to 60 mins to gauge its therapeutic experience, then decide if you want to consume more airheads edibles. Everyone in Virginia reacts differently to ingested Psilocybin chocolate treats. Your body weight and metabolism play a part as does your tolerance level.

Begin low, go slow, and find the perfect dose that suits you best.  


Cap Up Chocolate Chocolate Bar Facts

  • (15) Pieces Per Bar
  • Milk Chocolate / Dark Chocolate
  • Dosage 4mg Psilocybin entire bar
  • Wrapped in foil for preservation